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Fractal Meditations and Brainwave Entrainment

As we have explored previously, brainwave entrainment helps us tap into the nature of our own consciousness.  This is a fairly unique attribute in so far as technology goes.  However in my previous post – I explained how the ancient shaman practices also allowed us to explore consciousness through the ingestion of psychoactive plants.  One of the outstanding experiences of those hallucinogenic journeys are the stunning visuals – which many describe as a descent into universal consciousness.  Taking that observation on board, a company known as Brainwave-Sync took a bold step to integrate such visuals and combine them with brainwave entrainment audio.

In his book ‘The Holographic Universe’, Michael Talbot presents an excellent case on the notion that the universe itself is actually fractal in nature.  The concept being that if you take any one element of the universe, then embedded within it is a copy of the whole.  Holograms work in this manner, as do fractals.  This gets all the more interesting when you consider that consciousness itself also seems to function like this.  Is it mere coincidence that Shamans also perceive fractal like designs on their visionary journey?  Take a look at the artwork of Alex Grey and Pablo Amaringo:

It is hard to argue that there is something very compelling about fractals, and when viewing them in conjunction with brainwave entrainment one may have profound experiences.

It is worth considering the effect fractals themselves may have upon the consciousness.  The Zen Monks often speak of contemplation as a means to experiences the depths of our inner being.  Many westerners find this difficult as we are used to an outward world view as opposed to an inward one.  However, the use of fractals offer us a means to use our outward world view to take ourselves outward journey of contemplation.