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Healing Sounds Controversy

The subject of healing music brings with it much contention, this is notable within not just the medical community, but also many other officially sanctioned groups and industries.  Let it be noticed however, that these is no official line on this matter to be found.  Indeed there is a growing body of evidence of support.  Nenah Sylver speaks about this in her 2009 “Rife Handbook: of Frequency Therapy,with a Holistic Health Primer”:

“All frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum – whether in the form of visible light, radio wave, gamma wave, etc. – have a corresponding sound or tone, even if it does not transmit through air or water and even if we are not capable of hearing it.  (This is probably the origin of the phrase, “the music of the spheres”.)  Since sound and EM radiation are mathematically related, theoretically all electromagnetic waves can be translated into audible sound, and the two modalities might be interchangeable for healing purposes.”

This gives us a very brief glimpse into the depths what may soon become conventional wisdom.  Nenah Sylver is not the only outspoken individual on this subject.  Tina L. Huang, Director of Science at the Transparent Corporation, is perhaps at the forefront of pushing towards a change in attitude towards healing frequencies from the scientific community.

In 2009 Tina L. Huang, publically addressed Dr. Novella’s assertion that so called ‘brainwave entrainment’ is a pseudoscience.  Dr. Novella cited a lack of peer review on the claimed positive effects of the effects of sound on the human mind.  Huang’s response came in the form of a very public blog post, defending Transparent Corp. and its product line.  Huang provide numerous research examples citing the successful uses of entrainment.  Dr. Novella however remained unconvinced, instead keeping steadfast in her institutionalized world-views of science and clinical studies.

As with all alternatives to modern medical science; there is huge resistance.  It is difficult at best to interpret where this resistance emerges from.  In many cases it is undoubtedly a reaction to the hyperbole and nonsensical claims of certain alternative therapy products, for example many brainwave entrainment stores cite bold claims such as; “Telepathy” and “Telekinesis” as a positive side-effect of healing sound.  However, unlikely and unbelievable as these claims are, they do not preclude the existence of real and true benefits from the technology.

In a testament to this, Dr. Joseph Puleo re-discovered the effects of the acclaimed ‘Solfeggio Frequencies’.  Some of which are now used on a peer reviewed scientific level, more on this subject can be found on the website: Red Ice Creations.